Car Transport to France

Car Transport to France - Rapidly and Safely from UK to France

Whenever one is planning to car transport to France, one of the best ways on how to do it is through taking advantage of the services offered by the Eurotunnel car transport. Usually, when one is planning to move from one country to another, and owns a car, there are so many requirements that must be accomplished. I

n addition, especially when the destination country’s rules are strict, cars are often transported through sea, which actually takes fsome time. However, all of these hassles are actually done away by the Eurotunnel car transport. But what is the Eurotunnel car transport? Basically, the Eurotunnel is literally a tunnel that bridges France with the United Kingdom, passing below the English Channel.

This tunnel is actually considered as one of the greatest engineering feats accomplished by man in the modern era. By passing through this tunnel, drivers can now actually transport from France to the United Kingdom in a more convenient and easy way, without all of the hassles connected with other forms of car transportation services.

The best thing about using the Eurotunnel car transport is its efficiency in time. Before the construction of this specific tunnel, it would actually take hours, even days, before one can successfully transport his or her car from France to the United Kingdom, or vice versa.

However, by using the Eurotunnel, car transport to France only takes about thirty five minutes, making this perfect for people who are on the go, or who are in a hurry. Of course, shipping cars through this tunnel requires drivers to follow some processes. First of which is through using the “Le Shuttle,” the official name of the Eurotunnel car transport.

Whenever one wants to use the “Le Shuttle” in transporting cars both from France to the United Kingdom and from the United Kingdom to France, one would even have the impression that what they passed through is actually an underground tunnel. This is because of the fact that the Eurotunnel is so brightly lit and so widely spaced, which is uncharacteristic of common tunnels where car transportation passes through. This is the reason why using the “Le Shuttle” is one of the most convenient ways to car transport to france.

When coming from France, the Eurotunnel car transport actually starts from the French city of Coquelles, located near the city of Calais in the English Channel area. The tunnel then joins Coquelles with the city of Folkestone, located in Kent in the United Kingdom. From these cities, it is actually very easy to travel to other main cities of both countries, making it very convenient for both French and English travelers.

The good thing about Eurotunnel is that it is very convenient to have reservations, for drivers can actually visit their website and already reserve a slot for their car transportation needs. In addition, ten trains actually operate daily coming from both directions, limiting the chances of having a shortage of trains whenever needing car transport to France.

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